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Carpet Maintenance and Hygiene:

Our carpets are constantly in use and parts of the carpet see more traffic than others.
Have you ever thought what your carpet may contain deep down in the carpet pile?

There is a unbelievable amount of sand or grit in every carpet, no matter how often you vacuum. Using the rug doctor pro with hot water & a professional shampoo will literally lift up the grains of grit & muck with its commercial powered motor that everyday carpet cleaners cannot touch!!

"When you come to empty the rug doctors waste tank you will see what your carpet has been hiding."

The abrasive effects of grit rubbing against the carpet fibers are the main cause of early replacement and a unwelcome expense, especially after only a year or two of use!

Hygiene is just as important as maintenance! Your carpets "will contain dust mites" which feed very well from dry human skin and other scraps of food we may trail around unknowingly. That little stain of chocolate or drink is a feasting ground of calories for a family of dust mites and other parasites that cause or agitate health problems.

The Rug Doctor Pro Is Very Easy To Use Just Like Conventional Vacuum.

The rug doctor pro has a generous sized tank for both cleaning fluid and waste water, meaning less re-filling and less emptying of the waste water. The rug doctor pro also has a unique vibrating brush that agitates the piles of carpet to give a deep down clean & outstanding results.

Great Value For Money!

Many commercial carpet cleaning machines retail for £1000`s and a reliable, effective carpet cleaning service may charge £100`s for their service. With the rug doctor pro you will gain professional results for just a fraction of the price. Many customers re-book the rug doctor again at the point of return! We recommend cleaning your carpets every 3/4 months. If you re-book at time of collection you will receive a £5.00 discount when you next use our service.

We Can Deliver & Collect The Rug Doctor Pro To The Following Areas:
Whitehead, Carrickfergus, Greenisland, Jordanstown, Islandmagee, Ballycarry, Magheramourne, Glynn, Larne and everywhere in between. If your town or village is not listed please contact us as we may be able to help.