What will you do with your dress after your Wedding?

  • Your wedding dress is probably the most expensive garment you will ever wear and the most precious. But what happens to it after the big day? Will you simply pack it away in the box it came in and put it in the attic? Or hang it up in its plastic cover in the garage? Surprisingly, standard plastic/PVC bags or covers are silent fabric killers and will, in the long run, accelerate the decline of the dress as will cold, damp storage areas.

    With the correct care and storage conditions your dress should last forever.

    To help protect your dress from future decay it is important to have it professionally cleaned before storing. Some stains are colourless and in time will discolour the fabric: perspiration and body oils can oxidise and turn yellow and sugar stains from spilt alcohol and soft drinks may turn brown.

    Professional Wedding Dress Service

    At The Laundry Room we take great pride in our wedding dress cleaning service. Your wedding dress will be collected from your home or workplace, carefully cleaned, then wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and packed in a beautiful acid-free, archival box to protect it from damage and decay for years to come. It is then returned to you by our team, dedicated to providing the best laundry and dry cleaning collection and delivery service in the East Antrim.

    Also included:

    Box for shoes and accessories
    Certificate envelope
    Various documents to record your special day
    Free collection and delivery
    After many requests we now have a range of wedding dress cleaning vouchers.
    For further information, please call us on 028 93 378735 or
    E-mail: info@thelaundryroom and wewill be happy to help.
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