Fresh, Crisp Clean Sports Kits
at The Laundry Room Direct

  • As proud sponsors of Whitehead Eagles and we take great pride in ensuring the teams are kitted out in fresh clean kits every week allowing the players to focus on the game. We understand that the enjoyment of running a club can be confounded by the inconvenience and struggle of cleaning team kits ready for the next match. Whether its rugby, football, hockey or cricket, having a well turned out team is an important part of sports psychology.

    Feeling right and looking the part means you are so much more likely to play hard and play well. With The Laundry Room Sports Kit Service you will no longer have to take home the team kit and run the seemingly endless loads of muddy, grass-stained kit through your domestic washing machine. We will take away the hassle and inefficiencies by collecting, laundering and redelivering your club strips on a weekly basis from as little as £9.00 not to mention the possibility of sponsorship! For piece of mind and where at all possible, we avoid the use of tumble dryers.

    Not only are they extremely energy inefficient, they also have a tendency to shrink garments, cause transfers to peel off or destroy specialised coatings. Call us now on 028 93 353937 or call in today to see how we can meet your clubs laundry needs and don’t forget to mention the possibility of sponsorship, there’s a great possibility that we could extend our partnership with you to include sponsorship. When you call in you can be sure our staff will want to know the latest result..

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